I was just on a remote viewing site. It has over 100,000 members, many of the posts in the blog have over 100 comments – none of them spam – and it made me think how funny. The man who runs it may well be genuine. I actually purchased his course several years ago and found it pretty good but over $150 for ten cassette tapes is a lot of money…

I think that if you couch stuff as positive thinking, cosmic ordering, remote viewing you avoid the ‘stigma’ that comes with calling it what it is – Magick. Many times I feel that people who write about say .. positive thinking are teaching magick but with one very large difference…. it is usually done for personal profit. i.e. for those who visit the site ti learn how to be rich, wealthy, have lots of fast cars, and so on. Often, these same people view themselves as great christians and go to church and wouldn’t ‘sin’ by studying magick (for them, read satanism).

Funny thing is, in doing what they are doing they are in fact practicing magick that if not black is most certainly very gray…..

The Book I Can’t Seem to Finish

I have been working on a book now for several years with Sue Vincent. However, I just cannot seem to get the book finished. Every time I vow to get it completed I seem to get very busy or something else happens. I am beginning to think it will only get finished when those that decide these things decide to let it be complete. The bulk of the book is done but the last chapter or two appears to be stuck…..

Observing Reality

I have long been fascinated with the concept of reality. I recall years ago reading some AMORC materials that defined reality as distinct from actuality. Actuality is what a thing actually is whereas reality is your perception of a thing. So in fact, reality is YOUR reality and not necessarily that of another person. That’s interesting but it really simply shifts the question to what is actuality then?

Quantum physicists now theorize and have demonstrated with experiments that reality is determined by the observer – at least to some degree. Others might say simply that reality doesn’t exist at all until it is observed – much like the question does a falling tree in the middle of a forest make a sound if there is no one there to hear it? No – it does not make a sound.

Of course, there are all kinds of implications to these simplest of statements. If I observe my reality then do I not create it? If so, does cosmic ordering really work? The answer is most likely yes and no. The problem is that most people view cosmic ordering systems as yet another get rich quick scheme promoted by mainly American new agers and get rich quickers….. Want to change your reality????? Change yourself. Change the way you see things, think about things. Change your internals. Because the act of observing doesn’t take place ‘out there’ but inside of you.