Independence Weekend Giveaway!

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FREE – all weekend and beyond…

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July 4th is Independence Day for some and to celebrate that fact I have set up my book Astral Messages as a FREE Kindle book for 5-days over that weekend. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Astral Messages on Kindle this coming weekend.

Astral Messages Cover

Astral Messages uses poems and blog articles from my long standing blog – Asteroth’s Domain – in a discussion of reality and magic. We are all magicians willfully creating our realities and this selection demonstrates how this touches all aspects of our lives – yes, even our socks!

There is a depth and openness to beauty in the poetry, a realisation of the multi-levelled nature of reality and perception in the prose… and already it shadows the thread of magic woven through this little book. Every page gives food for thought and further reflection. Yet this is not a manufactured collection, these are thoughts that have…

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Moon whispers – Free on Kindle all weekend

Yesterday was June 27th and the new moon! To celebrate the new moon I thought I would make Moon Whispers in Kindle version FREE. So, get it while you can on any Amazon site and if you like it, please write a quick review and buy the paperback version – its a beautiful little book and I think my best poetry to date. I hope you enjoy it.

Moon whispers

Here is a sample….

Moon Whispers

Breezy, breathless whispers
She speaks to you
Rasping, her voice is in the wind
Leaden overcast clouds scud
Trodden ground wet like mud

She asks ‘see, see me?’
Tho’ you look high and low
There is no sign of her
Raindrops splatter the pavement
And damp is the rising scent

The Moon is sheening silver
Hanging low in leaden dark sky
Reflecting the one true light
But long are the lunar shadows
Following us like the scudding clouds

The monthly days slowly lengthen
Tears of crystalline water droplets
As She no longer has anything to say
Ripples of a long gone era overwhelmed her
Caught in the shadow of the Son

The golden orb slowly sails its journey
She rises at dawn reflecting all
Like a mirror to all humanity
And in the ghostly lunar light
Everything can again be put to right

Fate, Destiny and Free Will

G. M. Vasey:

Re running this one one more time….

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The Vengeful Fates cackle
While spinning their eternal web
Objective achieved
The plot in place
They watch and wait

From The Eagle’s Saga – A poem from Weird Tales: Otherworld Poetry by Dr. G. Michael Vasey, 2006

Free will.

We all very much like to believe that we have freedom of choice. That we have the power to make the decisions in our lives. Indeed, those decisions are our life as they weave the patterns, twists and turns of our existence. But do we?

Hermes, when asked about the nature of ordinary man – that is, of man that had not entered the stream of development that leads to initiation – he said that such a man or woman was merely a ‘procession of fate’. from The Zelator by Mark Hedsel.

A procession of fate. An orderly movement of events beyond a person’s control.

You know, if we think of…

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The Seemingly Forgotten Book

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Of all the books I have written, The Mystical Hexagram stands out for me. The hexagram was a bloody obsession to me for about 7-years (7! ha!). I needed some help to get the book over the finish line too and the emergency services arrived to breathe life into a sagging manuscript in the form of Sue Vincent. I even put a poem or two in it.


Of Saturn and Lead I speak
The basest metal of all
Heaviness, darkness
Hidden from the light
My soul sees the night

A burden I cannot carry
Instincts abandoned return
Spiraling downward
Galena’s sulfur suffocates
All that Saturn advocates

Saturnalia is explained
Deep need for some relief
Base needs expunged
A temporary respite
Daytime during night

Daath sees from on high
These things I must leave behind
My throat begs to speak
Words chosen with care
My soul now laid bare


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Moon Whispers Debuts as Fourth Poetry Collection from Author Dr. G. Michael Vasey

Brno, Czech Republic, May 17th, 2014. Moon whispers, a new collection of 30 poems from Dr. G. Michael Vasey, is released and is now available on Amazon and other book sites in paperback and Kindle formats. Moon whispers is the fourth poetry collection by this critically acclaimed author.

“This continually fascinating and ever-maturing writer has succeeded in assembling a cornucopia of new ideas, visions, and comments on his personal universe and the world ‘out there’,” said fellow author Gordon Strong. “Besides his poetry collections, Vasey’s other forays into authorship, ‘The Mystical Hexagram’ and his splendid novel ‘The Last Observer’ shows a varied dimension of thought and an endless imagination.”

Vasey was also recently featured in Chat Its Fate magazine (June 2014 issue) in an article featuring his early life experiences and promoting his novel – The Last Observer (Roundfire, 2013).

Hull-born Vasey writes extensively across a number of disparate areas in which he has a passionate interest. He is the author of over 300 articles and several books in the energy & Commodities industry, three books of poetry, and several books about magic and our ability to shape reality. He spent 18-years in Houston, TX and now lives in Brno in the Czech Republic, but is British by birth.

He is currently working on The Lord of the Elements – the prequel to The Last Observer – and another on the concept of the Fool in magic.

He tweets at @gmvasey.

Moon whispers – Out Soon…

My fourth collection of poetry – Moon whispers – will soon be available on Amazon and its global sites. Here are a few reviews…


Moon whispers

Moon Whispers ~ A new poetry collection by Dr. G. Michael Vasey

‘Moon Whispers – A new poetry collection’ is the fourth outing into the world of lyric and melody by Michael Vasey. This continually fascinating and ever-maturing writer has succeeded in assembling a cornucopia of new ideas, visions, and comments on his personal universe and the world ‘out there’.
A title like ‘Julia Robert’s Smile’ is typical of the poet’s wry humour. These lines from another piece neatly combine word play and a satirical edge.
Bit by bit
Byte by byte

The combination of the classic and the contemporary is never far away. A line like ‘Forged in ancient fire’ manages to sit quite comfortably with this pair in another poem seen later in the collection.

Houston, I heard you calling
Or am I confusing you with the Clash?

The piece entitled ‘All at sea’ shows Vasey’s optimism is never far away, though he often questions whether he always possesses that quality himself. The depth of his feelings combined with an acute intelligence have, however, produced the joyous lines,

Following a golden sunbeam
Tumbling through life’s dream

Besides his poetry collections, Vasey’s other forays into authorship, a recognised authority on occult matters – ‘The Mystical Hexagram’ – and his splendid novel ‘The Last Observer’ shows a varied dimension of thought and an endless imagination.

Gordon Strong
May 14th. 2014

Moon Whispers is a tender and beautifully-crafted collection of poems that can touch the deepest layers of our soul. Like the sound of a favorite song on the radio or the recognition of truth in an unexpected place, it brings light and happiness into the heart with every verse.

Daniela I. Norris, author of On Dragonfly Wings and Collecting Feathers

Knights in Shining Armour

In the Mystical Hexagram, I talk of the horny hardened matter that we build up through life and I have discussed it another post on this blog too. As we get older, we lose our imaginative abilities to a great extent and we lose our childlike qualities. We form a shield if you will, against hurt, against pain, against trust, against the rest of the world. We hide. Our own experiences can make this hardened layer impermeable and impenetrable like a layer of very hard and rough skin.

by Albrecht Durer

by Albrecht Durer

In the past, this defensive skin has been portrayed as horns of hardened material why? because there is a relationship to the dark Moon – to Selene – for as we grow our horns of life – we sleep easier. The hardened material is seen as horn like as it echoes the crescent shape of the Moon. We become creatures of the Moon sleeping as opposed to those awakened initiates who strive for the Sun. It is the hardened dross of life that ought to be burned off and liberated through fission. Instead we wear our shining armour with pride. We, like the Moon, become (k)nights in shining armour – we reflect the Sun in our sleep-like state.

As I stated in the article ‘Life is but a dream‘, that is until you remember how to imagine. How to center yourself and imagine. Learn how to dream again. How to cast off the horny matter and transform the experiences – no matter what they are – into something of eternal value and meaning. Something spiritual and energizing. The combination of childish imagination skills and the adult’s experiences of life to at first remember to row, gently DOWN the stream, merrily understanding, it is YOUR dream and you can create your own reality.