There was a time when I believed

I subscribed to a common point of view

What else would a young man do?

These days though I have to laugh

I am unique and maverick you see

And I got to tell you that really is me

I suppose you have your models

Boxes that neatly describe your reality

Put me in one and throw away the key

Laughingly, I actually object to that

I mean, who the hell are you to tell me

What I am and how to be?

I’m going to be me, and that means free

Free of boxes, free of expectations

Free to decide on the spur of the moment

What seems good and right for me

Stop projecting your expectations

I’m not you, I am truly me

Shockingly subversive alienatingly free

Did I invent a new word?

Well, you know, that would be how I am

I do not give a damn

Take your box

Take you projection

Take your safety clauses

Take your risk aversion

Take your entire reality expectation

And try a flirtation with me

Join me and be totally free



Write Drunk, Edit Sober

Apparently, that’s an Ernest Hemingway quote. It is quite brilliant and sums up how I write – either drunk with alcohol or spirit…. Just not sure I edit…. sober or otherwise – at least not here…


Write Drunk, Edit Sober

I sit here with my white wine

Ziggy plays on the stereo

The keyboard scattered with

Crumbs from lunch

My fingers tapping

As I am rapping

With words

I’m drunk

Certainly not sober

And this poem will never be edited

It may be reddited

To see what you all think

But do you think I care

When I share my inner self

Gathering dust

Sitting on a shelf

No one reads my stuff anyway

I got lots to say

But no one listens

So I’m just another drunk

Talking to himself

Muttering some words

Under my breath

And waiting for death

To take me home

Where I can never be alone


Sinking in my chair

I’m slowly losing my mind

Words and letters

Appear unfettered

Right on my screen

And so it seems

My thoughts

(Yes I am self taught)

Are here to stay

Though no way

Will anyone give a shit

About anything I say

But maybe when I am gone

These words will form a song

They’ll sing

A drunk he might have been

But his words

Were bullets to the heart

And he edited them

As sober as a judge

Nudge, nudge

Laughter rings

An angel sings

It’s nonsense anyway

And everything I say


Of another drunk

Who got seriously sunk

In spirit

Do you get it?



What I want

I want

I need

I want your touch

I need your love

I want so much

I am needy

Yes, greedy

Slide your hand

Across my skin

Make me feel

Like I sin

Give me satisfaction

Awaken my senses

I want to feel

Lower my natural defenses

Give me

Hold me

Get inside my head

Remind me I am not yet dead

Plumb my depths

Ski me deep

Grab my attention

I want retention

Grab me

Make me




Feeling like

I am the center

Of everything





The happiness in



Right vs Wrong

Is it me or does the line between right and wrong blur the older that you get? We live in what seems to be a duality – there is two sides to everything.  As a child we are taught black and white, right and wrong yet as we age, we become aware that choices are not so stark… in fact, choices are complex things.

I do believe rightly or wrongly that many sell their ‘souls’ in the pursuit of ‘happiness’ in that they simply stop trying to judge and give in to the demands around them. Others however, continue to seek an answer and carefully analyze each and every choice.  They end up sitting on some sort of fence never actually experiencing the true value of life.

I’m not sure I know the answer nor am even qualified to discuss the issue. On the other hand, there are moments when I truly think that thinking is part of the problem. Could it be that in fact, we live in a unity and choices are actually irrelevant? Choices are a sort of distraction to keep us occupied and to have us sacrifice our true selves to the Gods of duality?

What I think I mean is that if we just could be, never choosing nor deciding what is wrong or right might we actually find peace? Could it be that the idea of choice is simply an illusion? In biblical terms is choice Satan? Or rather is the act of choosing an act of un Godlike choosing?

It seems to me at times that everything has its purpose and everything is how it should be so why is choice required?

Think about the Bible and how God made certain people chose? Was the right answer to refuse to engage in the duality of choice and simply state – We are One. There is no choice, no free will. There is only divine will?If we give up on choice, do we find nirvana?