A Hopelessly Addicted Scribbler

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my readers. He had just read my latest Kindle book and was giving me some feedback. However, he was also asking a question – When will you finish the sequel to The Last Observer? That is a good question actually….

You see, I am an addicted scribbler. I get ideas for books all of the time and off I go pursuing it. Right now, I am working on two ideas simultaneously. One is too early to divulge but it will be a Kindle short ghost stories book – but different! The other came to me last night as I read old blog posts and it is actually almost finished already. I just need to edit, organize and add a bit to it… It will also be a short Kindle book but it will about creating your own reality. Meanwhile, I am deep into writing a new book with my partner on CTRM software in my professional life. Meanwhile, I am editing a second edition of The Mystical hexagram with Sue Vincent.

So, what about that prequel? Well, it is actually half written. I just need to find the time to finish it and I admit, I keep pushing it back down the pecking order as I think of something else to do and the priorities tend to be which will be faster to market…. It may never see the light of day as I keep on dreaming up new ideas and I have fallen in love with the Kindle short format a bit as well. I see it as a way to build an audience so that when the prequel does appear – it actually sells!

The other thing that has changed my focus a bit has been sales. Yes, I am actually selling some books! My Haunted Life Too is now my best selling book with four figure sales. My Haunted Life is not so far behind. The nice thing has been that the popularity of these books also seems to have pulled my other books a bit too. The Last Observer has sold well for the last three months or so and even one or two poetry book sales have been recorded.

Though I will admit to being addicted, having a few sales and a few mailings from readers encouraging me does make it more fun.

The Train Ride

Below is a short story from My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition. It is one of two stories that are unique to the paperback that otherwise includes all of the content of My Haunted Life, My Haunted Life Too and My Haunted Life 3. At 200 pages, it is quite a substantial book and would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys tales of the paranormal and supernatural.

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His head dropped as he once again slipped off in to sleep. Of course, he immediately woke up again, mentally cursing his inability to sleep on a train. He opened his eyes and watched the monotonous eastern European countryside flash by without really registering any of it at all. The carriage reminded him of old black and white movies as it was so ancient and yet, being first class, it was, he had to admit, somewhat luxurious. It had definitely seen better days though, as the carpet was threadbare in the six parallel locations where travellers’ feet would usually sit. It was a carriage in which three people sat facing three other people except today, it was just him and five comfy looking, but very empty, seats.

As the train hurtled onwards he noticed that the carriage lights would occasionally flicker. Even the electrics were showing their age, he thought. Initially, he had searched for a power outlet to charge his phone, but the train must have pre-dated portable electronic devices and it had no power sockets. His phone had subsequently died about 4 hours into this 10-hour journey.


He fought vainly to keep his eyes open as the rhythmic bumping of the train over the tracks rocked him to sleep. However, the train was beginning to slow and a stop appeared to be in the offing. He woke up a bit and peered into the twilight gloom out of the window. The train stopped briefly in what he could only think of as a village station, as there was just a station house and a few other buildings dotted around. As the train lurched forward again, he was surprised to see that someone had gotten on board. The man opened the carriage door and taking off a long coat and hat, sat diagonally opposite him registering his presence with a brief and perfunctory nod of the head.

The heat of the compartment and motion of the train began to work its sleep spell again and his head nodded occasionally as he dozed. From time to time, he opened his eyes and peeked at his new neighbor. The man was dark. Black hair and darkened skin like many of the indigenous population of this part of the Europe. His lips were pale and thin and a sharp nose jutted almost comically from a flat face accentuated by a high forehead. The man stared straight ahead. He didn’t actually seem to blink at all. As if aware of another’s gaze upon him, the man turned his head and looked over displaying small green eyes. At this, our friend closed his half opened eyes so as to not appear to be staring.

After a few moments, he half opened his eyes again. The man was again staring straight ahead and again, he did not appear to blink. He was dressed in a dark coat, which seemed to hide a suit underneath. He was clean-shaven and his hair was slightly oiled and clung to his scrawny head. An image of an Eagle came to mind. A tall, thin and unblinking, Eagle-like, man.

The heat seemed to be growing thicker as the train now hurtled through darkness, rocking and swaying him from side-to-side. His eyes felt increasingly heavy and more difficult to keep open for any length of time. He felt his head drop and the movement woke him again but only momentarily.

At first, he wasn’t quite sure what it was he was feeling. Was he sleeping and dreaming?

He was aware of a slight pain and wetness at his neck. He felt as if he were falling down into a long cavernous gap between rising peaks that looked like very sharp teeth. There was a strange lapping sound in his ear too. He struggled to wake up but was only able to open his eyes very slightly. The pale but swarthy skinned man was staring at him with those green unblinking eyes. There was a strange faraway look on his face. The man licked his lips. Was that blood on his lips? Strangely, at that moment, he couldn’t care less. He simply wanted and needed to sleep.

For a few moments, he closed his eyes again and began to drift off but then he suddenly and with growing horror realized that the man sat opposite him had two very long and very sharp-looking incisor teeth. He opened his eyes; suddenly this time and stared across at his neighbor. The man flashed a smile back. Those teeth! This time he caught sight of those pointed white teeth and the man’s reddened tongue and lips. Instinctively he raised a hand to his neck where he had felt wetness. He wiped his neck and looked at the dark red streaks of blood on the back of his hand. His heart was pounding with sheer terror as he watched the man float up off of the seat and across the gap towards him. The eyes, unblinking, stared into his, and he found he could not move nor speak as that mouth descended again upon his neck. He blacked out.


The jolt of the train woke him with a jump. It took just a few moments for his waking moment to become a scream as he jumped back. His heart was pounding and he was wet with sweat. In the next few milliseconds, he realized that he was alone in the carraige. The strange, Eagle-like, unblinking man with teeth had gone. His hand immediately felt for the wound on his neck. He wiped his neck with the back of his hand and looked but there was no blood. He checked several times with the same result. He then got up and almost ran out of the carriage and down to the bathroom where he could look in the mirror to check visually. No blood, no marks; just his pale, sweaty face staring back at him from the mirror.

A feeling of relief passed over him and he felt quite giddy for a moment. He began to chuckle and then to laugh as he realized the whole thing had been a bad dream. It had seemed so real though, he thought to himself. So very real!

He returned to the carriage and checked around. There was no sign of anyone or anything except for his own luggage, book and papers on the seat. It had been a dream and a bad one at that.

He sat down and relaxed feeling the heat envelope him and the movement of the train started to make him sleepy again. He let it take him deeper into sleep. However, the train was beginning to slow and a stop appeared to be in the offing. He woke up a bit and peered into the twilight gloom out of the window. The train stopped briefly in what he could only think of as a village station, as there was just a station house and a few other buildings dotted around. As the train lurched forward again, he was surprised to see that someone had gotten on board. The man opened the carriage door and taking off a long coat and hat, sat diagonally opposite him registering his presence with a brief and perfunctory nod of the head……….

my haunted life extreme (1)Over 50 true stories of the supernatural and paranormal – My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition

13 Magicians

Whether you believe in real magic – spelt magick usually to differentiate from sleight of hand and trickery – or not, history is full of people who did and who were believed to be great magicians. Apollonius of Tyana, for example, who was born just a little before Jesus and spurned a life of luxury and wealth to follow in the footsteps of Pythagoras. Amongst other tales, Apollonius is said to have found the philosopher’s stone and gained eternal life. Then there is that character from the bible that we were all told was evil growing up – Simon Magus. Poor Simon! Simon does appear to have been capable of working miracles – actually not unlike those that Jesus did. But, he was seen as a threat to the early christian church and demonized as is their way. He apparently could levitate and tell the future and he had a hand in gnosticism. The tale of Nicholas of Flamel is equally intriguing as an angel gave him a book in a prophetic dream and the very next day the book was offered to him for sale. He bought it and spent a lifetime trying to decipher it. According to legend, he did and also has eternal life.

By the middle ages, we meet men who seemed to tread a very fine line in society. Often they were extremely bright and gifted speaking many languages and having expertise in medicine, alchemy and magic. Some were even ordained members of the church! These men, the likes of Agrippa, Paracelsus, John Dee and Francis Bacon, were part magicians, part alchemists and part scientists. They lived in an era when natural magic was as much a part of the world as religion. Many of them traveled working miraculous healings, prophesising the future and turning metals into silver and or gold. Sometimes, they fell afoul of the authorities and had to suddenly leave town charged with things like raising the dead! I guess that was one of the dangers of the time they lived in.

By the 17th Century, various groups of thought had begun to permeate western culture and men like Sir Isaac Newton risked their lives and reputation secretly studying alchemy and magic. Meanwhile, Eliphas Levi set the foundations for modern magic such as the tarot and even consulted the spirit of Nicholas Flamel in the process!

In more recent times, people like Austin Osman Spare created new forms of magic intermingled with art and masturbation. I love his art works and would love to own one or two pieces and his sigil magic techniques are extremely interesting. Then we have men like Franz Bardon who were reputed to be able to change the weather and was persecuted by both the Nazis and the Communists but left a small but rich legacy of magical work for us to ponder. Finally, there is the unknown student of Mr. Bardon, who in an intriguing manner interacts with a discussion forum before making his transition from the world. In the process we learn how he can project fire from his belly and water too to put out the fire but no longer feels the need to do so.

These tales are all highly entertaining and enlightening. As I wrote my new book – Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians – I spotted a number of common characteristics of these men. I wonder if you will too?

Available now on all Amazon sites ….

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The Meaning of Life?

There are moments in which I truly despair. Those painful times when my self-confidence seems to disintegrate and I find myself questioning everything. Suddenly, I feel valueless and deeply alone. For all the effort and all the ups and downs of life, what have I really achieved? When I die will anyone really give a damn? How do you measure your worth, your impact on life? It isn’t job titles, or money, houses or cars. Is it a legacy of writings? Probably it is the impact that you made on people and I fear I have had little impact outside of a very small group of people. There is a fear, no a deep seated insecurity at work that says it was a life wasted and time squandered.

And yet, even in those moments I know that having lived a rich and varied life. Having rubbed shoulders with countless thousands of people, Having traveled and drank in what I found there. Having seen new life and also the pain of death. I am. I have achieved things that could never have been expected of me. I have had an impact and continue to have an impact whether seen or unseen, conscious or unconscious. This rich tapestry that I have created. The reality that I call my own. It has an impact all around of me even if it be the tiniest of ripples there are concentric circles of me all around me spreading slowly and unendingly all through the Universe. Who knows what impact these ripples have? Who knows what colorful and creative/destructive interference patterns are being created even as I write this.

I am. I am the only thing I can actually have some degree of surety about. Without me none of you would exist – at least to me…

I am a thought in the mind of God. A ripple of consciousness in time and space. I am making it up as I go along gaining in wisdom, experience and versatility as I go. My value is that I am.

This is the meaning of life isn’t it? My life and yours too……


Do You Think Like A Conspiracy Theorist?

I guess I have a bee in my bonnet about conspiracy theories. I find them funny and those who chose to believe in them interesting. Today, the buzz on the net is all about the sudden and abrupt closing of 5 or 6 Wal-Mart stores across the southern US. The excuse used in all cases is plumbing problems and closed for 6-months. Well, Wal-Mart is the corporate Scrooge of all time and there is no way plumbing problems would close any of their stores – nope. Wal-Mart would do anything to keep its stores open. All of that is true. But what has this set of closings triggered? Well – here is a short list,

1. There is going to be a military exercise in the US in July or September codenamed Jade Helm. People are already making this out to be President Obama declaring martial law and there are all kinds of weirdness being spouted on the net about it. It’s to take away American’s guns is the favored one. I will bet it turns out to be just a military exercise but don’t quote me…. Now, FEMA or some other part of the Government, in cahoots with Wal-Mart, is going to use those stores to hold political prisoners and pro gun US citizens will be held there…

2. A meteorite is going to strike the north of the US and so the Government is moving south and will use these stores for some re-staging capabilities (and multiple variations),

3. There will be a massive eruption on the NW coast and ditto as above.

The list is actually endless but those are my favorite three.

Apparently these Wal-Marts were closed down even filled with stock and staff fired with 5-hours notice. Sound like typical Wal-Mart behaviour to me…


The thing about conspiracy theorists is that they develop a theory and then look for the evidence… Wal-Mart’s actions are being seized on by hundreds if not thousands of conspiracy theorists who see in it something sinister. It never actually seems to enter their heads that any of the above could be true and yet completely unrelated to Wal-Mart closures or any other event they ‘collect’ as evidence. There is no correlation either way and certainly no proof of anything except perhaps that Wal-Mart is under severe pressure to close some stores from Wall St. Late last year, analysts pointed out that Wal-Marts increasingly poor financial performance was probably due in part, to the fact that it keeps opening larger and larger stores but never shuts its smaller ones. Analysts are expecting Wal-Mart to close 100 under performing stores not just the 6 closures ‘for plumbing reasons’ that has caused this conspiracy storm……

The mind of a conspiracy theorist is a beautifully bizarre thing isn’t it? Total fixation on a particular theory to the point that any event can be deemed to support their view of the world.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. Don’t we all engage in such thinking at times in our lives? Don’t we convince ourselves that fate is against us that we are unlucky or whatever and then search for the evidence to support it? Don’t we pile misery upon misery seeing insult and injustice were there was none just because we expect to? It’s a thought isn’t it.

I certainly do do that at times and I am determined to eliminate my conspiracy thinking issues by not judging but by expecting the very best, visualizing the very best and staying positive.

That way, I create a better reality.

Do You Believe in Magic?

An angel instructs a 14th Century magician to wife swap?

A man that lives forever having discovered the secret of immortality?

A man who can project fire from his belly and water to put out the fire?

A 14-year old who already had three degrees and spoke five languages in the 15th Century?

An English artist who painted spirits with his eyes closed?

An alchemist who wrote the laws of physics?

A man who paralysed his Nazi guards with a spoken word?

A man who could levitate and fortell the future?

All of the above are historical people. They were Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians. They practiced alchemy and natural Magic. One was an ordinaed member of the church as well. They discovered the secret knowledge and sometimes, they wrote about it at their great peril.

13 historical men.

The last in the present day.

wizards cover 4Read about them now – Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians: True Stories of Magic and Sorcery Just 99 cents on Kindle.

Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians is Out

My new Kindle book – Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Sorcery is out today on all Amazon sites. Meanwhile, the one day giveaway of My Haunted Life has far exceeded my expectations and is now approaching 300 downloads in 24 hours! Thanks everyone who downloaded it!

Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians takes a look at several historical magicians from before the time of Christ up to the modern day and explores the truly incredible stories of magic, necromancy, alchemy and sorcery reputedly performed by these magicians.

History is full of actual wizards, warlocks and magicians who reputedly wielded immense powers and were capable of performing amazing magick. In this book, we explore a number of historical magicians whom you have almost certainly have never heard of. That they existed is beyond doubt. That they could work real magick is also historical fact.

You will be amazed to learn of magicians who could change the weather, who resisted and even worked magic against Hitler and the Nazis, those who healed the sick, raised the dead, made gold out of other metals, can be in two places at once, have seemingly endless lives and never age, and who helped and continue to help humanity on the astral plane of existence. You will read about those who are reputedly now immortal and those who found the magical philosopher’s stone of alchemy or elixir of life.

You can your copy right now for just 99 cents….. on Amazon or Amazon UK.

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