Guest Post Of The Month: What the Bleep Do I Want?

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What the Bleep Do I Want?

written by Chey Being

This may seem a bit selfish at first glance.  The “me, me, me,” of my inner two year old, but au contraire my darlings.

a guest post

 A good portion of my life has been spent reacting.  Something happens, big or small, and I am veered off in that direction.  I’m not talking about having an attention disorder or OCD, such as in a typical day of mine:   Making my way to the bathroom, spot a piece of lint on the carpet, must pick up.  Walk by the laundry room; should really stop and throw a load in.  Walk by the kitchen, “Did someone leave their plate out?”  Better clean that up.  The pillows on the couch are smooshed; must fluff!  Eventually my bladder says to me, “Hey lady, can we make it to the bathroom at some point here?”  Oh, right!

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Reblog: Touring Across America: Author G. Michael Vasey Spills The Beans

G. M. Vasey:

A recent interview…..

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G. Michael Vasey is one of those unique writers you come across on a hot summer day. I have marvelled at this interview, and I’ve wondered what I can really say about it. I like this writer—a lot—and I can’t wait for you to like him, too! His book The Last Observer is a bit of everything, and that is the best way to describe this interview. It’s a bit of everything!

G. Michael Vasey is currently touring radio stations. Catch his breathtaking interview with “The X Zonetoday.

gary-vasey Who do you have in mind when you write?

Me. I write about my interests and things that I am passionate about. I trust that the end product is something of interest to others and that I have something unique to offer – my perspective and one that is entertaining and different.

How do you…

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Sometimes, in meditation, you get a sense of nothing much matters. That for all the hustle and bustle and all of those pressing issues and events, it is all an illusion designed to stop you from, well, meditating. It feels as if the stillness and the sense of the eternal moment is all there really is. It feels as if you have come home and you really never actually want to leave again to go back to the nonsense that is your life.

An eternal moment of stillness. An eternal moment of connectedness.

In that moment, many things seem to come together and you understand. You are offered a glimpse of eternity and of understanding and you grasp it but just for that eternal moment and then its gone again leaving behind a sense of longing. Even though its gone in an instant, that touch of eternity leaves behind its mark – an impression so to speak – on the soul. To me it is like reassurance that you matter and that our true purpose is to soar above the hustle and the bustle, the noise of arguments and discord, the urgency of living that so envelopes us and drowns us in the important nothingness and irrelevancy. To soar in the wind like an Eagle magnificently observant of the land below knowing that we can and we should be creating heaven on Earth.


Touching the Emptiness from Moon whispers
Touch the emptiness
Stretching deepness
Cooling depths
Old memories
Black and white
Like old movies
Funny feelings
As if I could touch
Touch the emptiness
It’s on the edge
As if momentarily
Was that my childhood?
Was that really me?
Stretching deeply
To touch the emptiness
Its’ dreamlike quality
Chasing that thought
Is there a reason?
Am I all for naught?
Touching the emptiness
Building a soulful thirst
Driving onwards ever wearily
Towards the setting Sun
Yet didn’t it just begin?
Started in the sixties
Images, floating illusions
Touching the emptiness
My father has already gone
He prepares the place
Wherever that is as he
Touches the emptiness
Birth, Death, emptiness
Cyclic likes the seasons
I came from the emptiness
And there I will return
Reaching out, stretching
On the edge of my memory
Touching the edge of emptiness
Once again

Alchemy and the Hexagram

During the 4 or 5 years that I struggled with the content of the book The Mystical Hexagram, which was all received in meditation, I understood that this material was important. I also understood that the approach, using the symbol of the hexagram to cast light on a variety of other magical systems and techniques would appeal to just a small number of people. In the end, I took the use of the symbol only so far and stopped short of where I had intended to go with it – which was to look at what it meant also in alchemical terms. The reasons for this is that I am not expert enough in many areas to trust what was coming through sufficiently to commit it to paper and the record. Early in the process of compiling the thoughts and ideas in the book, I had abandoned any cross checking with other literature in the field – mostly down to laziness if I am honest but also because, in the end, we must trust our own instincts and not always rely on confirmation from an external counterpoint that may in fact be in error too. If it sounds to you as if I contradict myself here, you are probably correct but what I am try to say is that I dare only go so far in trusting my own inner access to knowledge and my attempts to understand what it meant. Eventually, I teamed with Sue Vincent to complete the book and her contributions were critical to making the work whole as it stood. But the book isn’t finished and I had doubted that I ever would be able to complete it….. until this morning.

This morning, I read an interesting article on Facebook by Emmanuel Rose around excerpts from Ripley’s First Gate. In this post, Emmanuel Rose writes an explanation of a part of the text..The stages of the alchemical process are to turn earth into water, water into air, and air into fire. These are symbols of the cooking process. They also represent the four-fold process of changing Jing into Chi into Shen into Emptiness. Or if you will, Nephesh into Ruach into Neschamah. The internal energies of the body are circulated so that the subtle water and fire mix. This is pictured in tarot Key 14 in the Case deck wherein the water is poured on the lion, symbolizing fire, and the fire is poured onto the eagle, symbolizing water. This circulation is somewhat similar to the Middle Pillar technique or the Taoist microcosmic orbit, though not identical. The “Wheel of the Elements” is an almost obvious reference to tarot Key 10 which pictures the process of internal alchemy. It is not an accident that it is attributed to Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, attributed to Key 14. (My thanks to Emmanuel Rose for posting this).

Suddenly I understood something.

The Hexagram is also the key to this process. The exercises that I found myself instructed to perform are a circulation similar to the Middle Pillar. I am so close to a major breakthrough that I can feel the energy but I cannot explain it. The hexagram and its 7 points or stars or metals, when looked at in a certain manner that takes into consideration the polarities demonstrated in it and also some of the other aspects of the symbol and its meanings, is a key to unlocking the Great Work of Alchemy. Of this, I am sure.


Fate, Destiny and Free Will

G. M. Vasey:

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The Vengeful Fates cackle
While spinning their eternal web
Objective achieved
The plot in place
They watch and wait

From The Eagle’s Saga – A poem from Weird Tales: Otherworld Poetry by Dr. G. Michael Vasey, 2006

Free will.

We all very much like to believe that we have freedom of choice. That we have the power to make the decisions in our lives. Indeed, those decisions are our life as they weave the patterns, twists and turns of our existence. But do we?

Hermes, when asked about the nature of ordinary man – that is, of man that had not entered the stream of development that leads to initiation – he said that such a man or woman was merely a ‘procession of fate’. from The Zelator by Mark Hedsel.

A procession of fate. An orderly movement of events beyond a person’s control.

You know, if we think of…

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The Seemingly Forgotten Book

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Of all the books I have written, The Mystical Hexagram stands out for me. The hexagram was a bloody obsession to me for about 7-years (7! ha!). I needed some help to get the book over the finish line too and the emergency services arrived to breathe life into a sagging manuscript in the form of Sue Vincent. I even put a poem or two in it.


Of Saturn and Lead I speak
The basest metal of all
Heaviness, darkness
Hidden from the light
My soul sees the night

A burden I cannot carry
Instincts abandoned return
Spiraling downward
Galena’s sulfur suffocates
All that Saturn advocates

Saturnalia is explained
Deep need for some relief
Base needs expunged
A temporary respite
Daytime during night

Daath sees from on high
These things I must leave behind
My throat begs to speak
Words chosen with care
My soul now laid bare


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Moon Whispers Debuts as Fourth Poetry Collection from Author Dr. G. Michael Vasey

Brno, Czech Republic, May 17th, 2014. Moon whispers, a new collection of 30 poems from Dr. G. Michael Vasey, is released and is now available on Amazon and other book sites in paperback and Kindle formats. Moon whispers is the fourth poetry collection by this critically acclaimed author.

“This continually fascinating and ever-maturing writer has succeeded in assembling a cornucopia of new ideas, visions, and comments on his personal universe and the world ‘out there’,” said fellow author Gordon Strong. “Besides his poetry collections, Vasey’s other forays into authorship, ‘The Mystical Hexagram’ and his splendid novel ‘The Last Observer’ shows a varied dimension of thought and an endless imagination.”

Vasey was also recently featured in Chat Its Fate magazine (June 2014 issue) in an article featuring his early life experiences and promoting his novel – The Last Observer (Roundfire, 2013).

Hull-born Vasey writes extensively across a number of disparate areas in which he has a passionate interest. He is the author of over 300 articles and several books in the energy & Commodities industry, three books of poetry, and several books about magic and our ability to shape reality. He spent 18-years in Houston, TX and now lives in Brno in the Czech Republic, but is British by birth.

He is currently working on The Lord of the Elements – the prequel to The Last Observer – and another on the concept of the Fool in magic.

He tweets at @gmvasey.