G. Michael Vasey

I was born in the city of Hull in England, and grew up in East Yorkshire, the eldest of three boys.

My childhood was a little unusual at times starting with the little blue man that jumped out of a mirror in my bedroom, shot me with a toy gun, and then jumped out of the window! My parents heard the gunshot. During my teens, I was the center of poltergeist-type activity and became very interested in magic and the esoteric. At age 18, I made my bid for freedom and attended the University of Aston in Birmingham where I continued my interest in magic and met some very interesting people. I also managed to gain a first class honours degree in Geology somehow, and went on to Strathclyde University to do research which resulted in a Ph.D. in geology. During my research into the paleoenvironment of the Carboniferous in Nova Scotia, I managed to fall in love with North America.

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Self-Publishing Pop

I’m not sure why I write books. It’s certainly not for the money! I guess I just enjoy the challenge of creating something, floating it by people and seeing if I can make a success of it! To me, putting out books has something of the flavor of the pop...

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So Many questions….

Got to love the laughter Got to give it soul No way that should matter After all, it’s just another hole Falling in and falling out This is the year of doubt I’m not sure what’s up Not sure what’s in or out I’m spinning away slowly Lazily heading south...

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Listen and learn – my encounter narrating a life changing book by Lorraine Ansell

Being a professional voice over is great. I learn so many things from the scripts I get sent. Whether it be factual, fictional or a mix, every day is filled with new things to learn. I sit in my studio reading and marking up texts and not just reading, but...

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Will You Take My Survey????

I find that surveys are usually very helpful in determining answers to vague questions…. I wonder if you might help me and take my short survey in which I am trying to figure out how people buy books and my books in particular…   It’s here – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8QHDMH6 10 lucky...

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Shades of a Haunted Life Now Free On Amazon

The sampler book of stories from the My Haunted Life series, Ghosts in the Machines and Your Haunted Lives is also now available for free on Amazon. It contains a story from each just to get you in the mood to purchase one of my other books……....

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Create Your Own Reality – Out Now on Audiobook

How to Create Your Own Reality is out now on audiobook. Narrated by Lorraine Ansell, the book is on Audible and will shortly be available on Amazon sites as well. You can hear a sample of the book here and you can read Lorraine’s experiences after narrating the book here....

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